Inspire Your Chefs with Artwork

Running a restaurant is a challenging career, whether you work in the kitchen itself or prefer to be front of house. One of your jobs will be developing the menu and ensuring your chefs understand how to cook and present the dishes. This is not a one-off task, as you will undoubtedly want to use seasonal produce, which means changing your menu every couple of months. Each time you create a new dish, you need to ensure your chefs are enthusiastic about it.

Food-Themed Artwork

To keep up the morale of your chefs, you could decorate the kitchen with food-themed Prints, creating a gallery for them to admire. Your first stop should be the Dear Sam website which has a vast range of prints and posters in every category imaginable. Their search feature saves you scrolling through the thousands of different options. For example, you could simply type in the word “kitchen” to be presented with numerous posters.

Regional Food

If your restaurant focuses on food specialities from a particular country or region, you could remind your chefs of this with appropriate posters. For example, if you are running a French bistro, the Dear Sam website has some map prints of different regions of France. You could further emphasise your love of French food by hanging other posters of Paris, or similar cities such as Nice or Marseille.

Change is Good

As the seasons change and your menus evolve to reflect new dishes, you can ring the changes in your decor as well. The prints, posters and frames on the Dear Sam website are very affordable, and you can quickly put together an extensive collection. That way, you can continually surprise your chefs and ensure they do not become bored looking at the same decor every day for months on end. If you are struggling for inspiration, take a look at the cleverly designed gallery walls section.

Look after your chefs, they are the mainstay of your restaurant, and in return, they will be happy to work for you for many years to come.