Wall Print Options for Modern Restaurants

A lot goes into shaping a restaurant’s ambience, but the role played by wall prints often leaves a lot to be desired. Whether a casual café or an upscale eatery, the choice of wall prints is vital in shaping the overall dining experience. That said, here are some standout wall print options for restaurants.

Murals and Wall Decals

Murals and decals are omnipresent in restaurants. These art pieces allow the restaurant to make a bold statement and affirm its brand identity to diners. Whether hand-painted prints from local artists or a customised vinyl decals from a store like Desenio, murals and decals transform restaurant interiors, immersing diners in an enchanting dining experience.

Graphic Prints

Restaurant owners fancy graphic prints for different reasons, key among them being their ability to inject some personality and eccentricity into any space. For a restaurant, playful illustration of sumptuous menu items or some vintage elements, graphic wall prints inject a unique flair, leaving lasting memories to diners.


Photography prints are among the most common visual prints in restaurants today. From scenic landscape and cityscape photos to close-up shots of culinary scenes, photographs uniquely ignite visual interest in any space. The choice and placement of photos are critical in capturing the restaurant’s essence.

Recipe Posters

Recipe posters attract massive interest among restaurant owners. These posters are not just meant for the kitchen, but are a great addition to any eating space. Having some exciting recipe posters around your eatery can be a great way to spark conversations and stimulate the diners’ appetite.